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Vanilla Caramel Pudding

- 2 Box liquid egg yolk

- 4 Egg yolks

- 510g Granulated Sugar

- 3 qt Heavy Cream

- 3 qt Whole Milk

- 3 Vanilla Beans Split and Seeded



- 1.2 k Granulated Sugar

- 900ml Water



Combine 1 qt milk with Vanilla beans and scald. Whisk Sugar into Egg yolks, temper in hot Milk/Vanilla mixture. Add remaining Milk and Cream Strain through a Chinois. Ladle into Pudding cups using a 118-120 ml(4oz) ladle, place cups on half sheet tray and cover with plastic wrap. Steamer should be on medium. Steam puddings until set. approximately 65 minutes. Cool and reserve for service.

Using a nonreactive pot combine Sugar and 300 ml water put over heat to caramelize. Once color is deep gold remove from heat, add reserved water, BE CAREFUL MIXTURE WILL SPLATTER!


To Serve

Top pudding with small dollop of sweetened whipped cream and 1T of Caramel, Serve.

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