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 Detailed Procedure





total mix :  2800 gm

     - 750 gm Blanched Almond Flour

     -750 gm Confectioners Sugar

     - 6 gm Salt

     - 270 gm raw egg whites

       ____for the meringue_____

     - 720 gm Sugar

     - 270 gm Egg whites

     - 160 gm Water



total mix : 1900 gm

     - 500 gm Blanched Almond Flour

     - 500 gm Confectioners Sugar

     - 5 gm Salt

     - 180 gm raw egg whites

        ____for the meringue_____

     - 500 gm Sugar

      - 200 gm Egg whites

     - 50 gm Light Corn Syrup

     - 120 gm Water

   Preheat the oven to 140°C / 280ºF
   In a sauce pan, put the sugar and water and bring to 120°C / 248ºF
   When the syrup reaches 114°C, start whisking the aged egg whites and when the syrup is ready (=120°C), pour it over the egg whites and continue whisking until cold.
   The meringue should be thick and glossy.
   Add the food coloring until it reaches the color you want (fanny:

   I find that once baked, the macarons were paler, so if you want a brighter color you should add a little extra food coloring).
   Mix in the tant-pour-tant and the fresh egg whites.
   The mixture should be still firm, but softer and very glossy.
   Pipe the batter small rounds (2cm) onto a lined baking sheet and bake for 9 minutes (oven door maintained open with a wooden spoon).
   Let cool for 2 minutes then carefully detach the macarons from the baking mat and set aside.
   Continue until there is no mixture left.




     - 480 gm Confectionners sugar (10 X)

     - 280 gm Blanched Almond Flour


     - 200 gm egg whites 

     - 100 gm Sugar 

       Bake at 250ºF  ;  2 x 10 minutes



The number of cookies the recipe makes depends on how large you form your cookies. Most recipes failed to give an estimate. If I had to make an educated guess I'd say you could make 30-50 macarons sandwiches with this recipe.

     1- On three pieces of parchment, use a pencil to draw 1-inch (2.5 cm) circles about 2 inches apart. Flip each sheet over and place each sheet on a baking sheet. [Note: You only have to draw circles on the parchment paper if you want absolutely even-sized macarons. If you're skilled with piping and don't mind eyeballing the amount of batter per cookie, skip this step.]

     2- Push almond flour and icing sugar combined through a tamis or sieve and set aside

     3- Cook the sugar with corn syrup and little water until soft ball (120ºC / 248ºF) In the mixing bowl, dry, whip egg whites with salt on medium speed until foamy. When the sugar is reaching the soft ball cooking level, increase the speed to high and gradually add the hot liquid sugar. Continue to whip to stiff peaks—the whites should be firm and shiny- until lukewarm.

     4- With a flexible spatula, gently fold in icing sugar mixture the raw egg white and as well as a small amount of the meringue until completely incorporated. Add the remaining and still gently combine the all mix. The mixture should be shiny and 'flow like magma.' When small peaks dissolve to a flat surface, stop mixing.

     5- Divide the mix in as many flavors you wish to obtain. Add color and flavors and go to next step.

     6- Fit a piping bag with a 3/8-inch (1 cm) round tip. Pipe the batter onto the baking sheets, in the previously drawn circles. Tap the underside of the baking sheet to remove air bubbles. Let dry at room temperature for 1 or 2 hours to allow skins to form.

     7- Bake, in a 140C/280F oven for 15 to 16 minutes. Use a wooden spoon to keep the oven door slightly ajar, and rotate the baking sheet after 8 minutes for even baking.

     8- Remove macarons from oven and transfer parchment to a cooling rack. When cool, slide a metal offset spatula or pairing knife underneath the macaron to remove from parchment.

     9- Pair macarons of similar size, and pipe about 1/2 tsp of the filling onto one of the macarons. Sandwich macarons, and refrigerate to allow flavors to blend together. Bring back to room temperature before serving,



for 450 gm mix ( for 2 dozaines)

 -few drops of Anise Extract

  FILLING  gaanche

- 400 gm Heavy cream

- 50 gm light corn syrup

- 600 gm White Chocolate

- 50 gm Pastis

- 1/2 tsp Anise Extract

- Toasted hazelnut Crunch



  for 450 gm mix ( for 2 dozaines)

 - 4 tbsp of Cocoa Powder

 - few drops of black color

 - Ground Cinnamon for dusting

  FILLING    Soft Toffee :

- 1 cup Sugar

- 1 pint Heavy cream

 + 1 cup Heavy cream

- 2 tbsp Cocoa Powder

- 1 tsp ground Cinnamon



  for 450 gm mix ( for 2 dozaines)

 - Candied Ginger

washed in lime juice, in small brunoise

 FILLING  Ganache:

- i can Coconut milk

- 1 can Evaporated milk

- 1 can Sweet Condensed milk

- 1 vanilla bean

- 1 orange zest

________= 1250 gm

___for 625 gm Milk marmalde

- 300 gm Milk Chocolate

- 50 gm Ginger bread powder



 for 450 gm mix ( for 2 dozaines)

 - 4 tsp of green Tea powder

 - few drop of green color for bright green


  Yuzu Jelly

- 500 gm Yuzu juice

- 500 gm water

- 150 gm sugar

- 16 gm Telephone Agar

- 1 gm Guar or Xanthan Gum



 for 450 gm mix ( for 2 dozaines)


 -few drops of yellow color for bright yellow

Thinly spread the jelly on each half of the macarons

Pipe the ganache on one side and sandwich it with the second half.
  FILLING  ganache

- 400 gm Heavy cream

- 50 gm light corn syrup

- 16 tbsp dark cocoa powder

- 200 gm Manjari 64%

- 100 gm Pur Caraibe 66%

- 2 1/2 tsp Allspice

  Jelly :

- 100 gm water

- 400 gm Passion fruit puree

- 50 gm sugar

- 7 gm Telephone Agar

- small pinch of Xanthan Gum



 for 450 gm mix ( for 2 dozaines)

 - 3 tsp rose water

 - few drop of red color for light pink color


Raspberry Chili Ganache

- 200 gm Raspberry puree

- 2 1/2 Red Chilis

- 50 gm Corn Syrup

- 6 drops red  color

- 320 gm White Chocolate

Lychee Jelly:

- 500 gm Lychee puree

- 12 gm Telephone Agar

- 1 gm Guar or Xanthan Gum



 for 450 gm mix ( for 2 dozaines)

 - few drop of red color for bright pink color

 - 1 tsp cayenne pepper powder

 - sweet Sechuan pepper powder on top

FILLING  Lime Jelly

-100 gm Water

- 400 gm fresh lime juice

- 75 gm sugar

- 7b gm Telephone Agar

- 1/2 gm guar or Xanthan gum

  Strawberry Jelly

- 500 gm Strawberry puree

- 100 gm fresh lime juice

- 7b gm Telephone Agar

- 1/2 gm guar or Xanthan gum


 for 450 gm mix ( for 2 dozaines)

 - few drop of vanilla extract

 - Dry vanilla speck on top


  Vanilla White Pepper ganache

- 400 gm Heavy cream

- 50 gm light corn syrup

- 4 Vanilla beans

- 4 tsp Crushed White pepper

- 500 gm White Chooclate

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