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    - 90 gm egg yolks
    - 225 gm whole eggs
    - 180 gm blanched almond flour
    - 275 gm sugar

    - 2 tbsp Orange water
    - 1 tsp vanilla extract
    - 170 gm all purpose flour
    - 220 gm egg white
    - 100 gm sugar
    - 1 tsp fresh lemon juice

      ---- about 1000 pieces ----
   Bake at 300 F for 15 min
on low blow


  -   In mixing bowl, beat together :
yolks , eggs almond flour and sugar
until creamy and light lemon color

-   Add at the end the OB water and vanilla

-   Sift the all purpose flour in the separate bowl
-   Beat the whites until stiff finishing with the sugar then the lemon juice.
-   Add the sifted flour into eggs mixture as well as a part of the firm whites
-   Finally, fold in the rest of the whites
-   Pipes dots of batter onto parchment paper (6 X 10)
-   Bake at 300ºF for 13 to 15 min



       - 660 gm egg whites
    - 150 gm light corn syrup   - 825 gm sugar
    - water ( about 1 cup)
    - flavors 1 tsp  - 18 leaves gelatin

        ---- pipe about 600 ---


  In a stainless steel pot cook together the ingredients above the line.
-    When the sugar mixture reaches the boiling point , turn the mixer on 2nd speed
-     Meanwhile, count the gelatin and soak it in cold water just as long as necessary to make it soft . Then strongly drain the water away by squeezing it between hands . Keep on the side
Also keep in mind that if the gelatin is over soaked . it becomes difficult to drain it appropriately ,and by adding it so to the cooked sugar , it will dramatically change its  temperature
-    When the sugar seems to reach its cooking level (149C or 300F) , keep an eye on it , then add the vanilla extract and the gelatin . Stir well using a wooden spatula
-     Meanwhile , turn the mixer on 3rd speed and be ready to pour the hot mix into firm whites.

 -    When the sugar is added to beating whites, let turn on 3rd speed until lukewarm
-    Insert a plain piping tips into a piping bag and fill in with the marshmallow .
-    Pipe a small peak of the meringue on each little round cookie
-    Wait for about 10 min before applying the chocolate coating  by dipping upside-down the kisses one by one into the tempered chocolate


 *  the cooking level of the sugar should be the “hard ball”(121°Celsius or 250°F)  but because of the adding of the gelatin that bring down the temperature , it is necessary to reach the “hard crack” (141C)


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