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| Baked Apples | The Dough | Butterscotch | Milk Marmalde | Cinnamon Ice cream |


- 5 lbs Sugar

- ¼  liter water

- ¼  lb Butter

- 1 tbsp vanilla extract

- Cook sugar and water together until blond caramel.

- Meanwhile peel (about) 60 “Golden Delicious” apples, cut in halves and cored

- Add diced butter to caramel following the vanilla

- Mix well by giving a circle motion to the pot

- (very important: do not use any ustensil to stir in caramel)

- Pour the caramel by sharing onto two hotel pans

- Gently , place apple halves onto caramel , tightly; cover with aluminium foil and seal well.

- Bake in the convection oven at 350ºF for about 45 minutes

Keep cover when ready until completely cold.


- 1 kg150 Flour

- 350 grs confectionners sugar

- 450 grs Blanched Almond Flour

- 2 lbs Butter (very soft)


- 350 grs Butter


- 4 sheets of Puff pastry

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1ST STEP_______________

- In the mixing bowl, put together Flour, sugar, Almond flour and 2 lbs butter.

Mix well until forming a smooth mixture

- Spread the dough onto a large sheet tray linen with parchemin paper and bake at 325ºF

2ND STEP_______________

- Crumble this dough in the mixing bowl ,add  the remaining 350 grs (melted) and mix until obtention of a dough.

- Spead onto a thin layer of puff pastry , and cover with another layer of puff pastry.

Keep refrigerated until needed.

For 20 minutes. Let cool completely

3RD STEP ______________

- Cut the Tatin dough into 4 ½ inches squares

- Place the square onto a piece of plastic wrapp , Place 2 apple halves in the center and slowly form a tight ball by twisting the plastic and separating the excess of dough from the ball. Refrigerate until firm

4TH STEP _______________


- Cut the base of the ball using a pair of scisors and place the wrapped apple onto a baking sheet.

 (very important make sure that the ball remain sealed with dough preventing the lick of the apple syrup

- Bake at 325ºF for about 20 minutes.

- 2 Lbs sugar

- 100 grs light corn syrup

- 1 Qt heavy cream


- 1 Qt heavy cream

- Cook togther sugar, corn syrup and 1 Qt heavy cream in a large pot, stirring constantly

Until obtaining a light golden brown sauce.

- Add a small part of the other Quart of cream, keep stirring and repeat the operation until no more cream tobe added.

- Pour right away in container and seal.


- 2 small cans coconut milk

- 2 Vanilla beans

- 2 small cans evaporated milk 

- 2 small cans condensed milk



- 3 qt Milk

- 2 qt Half & Half

- 5 tsp Cinnamon Ground

- 200 gm Light Corn Syrup

- 400 gm Sugar

- 900 gm (45) Eggs Yolk


- 2 small can (800 gm) condensed milk



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