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Cheese Cake

Cherry Jubilee

Cherry "Mon Cheri"

Cherry Sampler



-    1 bottle of Port Wine
-    1 kg Sugar
-    1 liter Water
-    1 kg Black Currants “Cassis”
-    2 drops pure almond extract
-    5 lbs pitted Cherries

 Reduce Port wine. A foam will rise when ready.
Add water, sugar, and “Cassis” puree and bring to a boil.
Add the almond extract.
- Before service, bring some of the jubilee to a boil and add the pitted cherries for that same day only
 – or as close as possible.


1 kg Cherry Frozen puree
Sorbet Syrup (tbd)
-    2 kg 700 sugar
-    2 liter water
-    300 gm light corn syrup
-    6 gm stabilizer

 Add some sorbet to the Cherry puree (defrost)
Do it gradually to determine how much exactly is needed . this would really help for the next time.
Then spin in ice cream maker
or simply freeze this mixture in the container fit to be adapted to “PacoJet”


-    12 egg yolks
-    1 whole egg
-    200 gm sugar
-    75 gm Pistachio paste “Mec 3”Blend
-    1 bottle Champagne
-    450 gm half & half
-    200 gm heavy cream

 In a stainless steel pot , bring the first five ingredients to a boil, constantly stirring using a wire whisk.
When ready dispense this mixture in a stainless steel bowl over ice and let cool completely.
Just before storing, add the heavy cream and half & half.
Keep refrigerated.
Dispense some of the sabayon in a syphon (whipped cream canister) .


 Valrhona White Chocolate

 Tempering the chocolate
Melt the chocolate in a stainless bow lover double boiler.
When the chocolate is partly melted , gently stir in using a rubber spatula.
Let sit until temperature goes down reaching  around 72 to 74 F.
Fill a parchment paper cone with the chocolate and start piping it onto sheet of acetylene (plastic).
Wait until it sets and keep in a cool place
If the kitchen doesn’t offer this kind of environment  you may store in the freezer (not the fridge)


- Pistachio Brittle

- Chocolate Thread

 Make a simple dry caramel with
30 gm light corn syrup, 150 gm sugar, 20gm butter, add the pistachio and spread over a silpat and allow the cool down before using.

As explained above



In a deep plate arrange some cherries(warm),
Partly cover with the sabayon,
Dispose a scoop of cherry sorbet in the middle,
Stick by gently pushing down the golden thread onto the sorbet __and maybe, why not another cherry in its center with a green colored pulled sugar stem.

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