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     -    30 yolks
     -    3 Qt heavy cream
     -    450 grs sugar
     -    450 grs milk (infusing 200 grs yuzu rinds


  •    Bring the milk to a boil , then add the Yuzu rinds and let infuse  

 . Allow to cool.
 •    In a large bowl mix the egg yolks and sugar, whisking energetically until smooth and lemon color.
 •    Then mix in the cold Yuzu ( or lukewarm) infusion. Mix well and add the cold heavy cream still whisking energetically for 30 second.
 •    Let rest the c reme brulee mix for at least one hour.
 •    Strain the mix through fine mesh . Pour some mix in ramequins or crème brulee bowls.
 •    Bake in convection oven for about 40 minutes at 300F in water bath and s lid .


 Yuzu jam

     -    2 packs Yuzu
     -    ½  liter water
     -    300 grs sugar
     -    250 grs Yuzu salted juice


  •    Put all ingredients in a stain steel cooking pot, bring to the boil .
 •    Reduce flame and let simmer until jam consistency.
 •    Keep refrigerated.


on the side: lemon sorbet ,   and     Yuzu syrup emulsion


     -    400 grs salted yuzu juice
     -    100 grs yuzu zest
     -    1 Qt water
     -    1 ½ cup sugar

     Boil , Strain , Chill ,
          Last step:

     -    700 grs liquid
     -    3 egg whites (raw)

   Chill mix in fridge before pouring into canister and keep so until needed.


also:  very light , crispy   almond cookie


     -    500 grs (1 lb) butter
     -    500 grs (1 lb) confectioners sugar
     -    500 grs (1 lb) blanched almond flour
     -    10 whole eggs
     -    black sesame seeds (optional


  •    Previously , make the butter soft ,using microwave or by simply leaving it in room temperature.
 •    In the mixing , put first the soft butter, then cover it well with the sugar and the almond flour.
 •    Finish by cracking the eggs (still cold from fridge) over the flour and sugar
 •    Start mixing ion the first speed , preventing the flour and sugar to fly out . After 15 second turn onto second speed and let turn until light and clear color.
 •    (Optional): Vanilla extract, Rum, or other essence of your choice.
 •    Using a small offset spatula, spread enough to fill the stencil and to obtain a thin and delicate cookie
 •    You’ll find out once they’ll be baked at 300F for about 10 to 15 minutes.

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