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-          1 kg praline paste

-          300 gm Milk chocolate

-          100 butter

-   500 gm feuilletine


Ice cream Base

 Cointreau Orange Brandy

Feuilletine Praline


-         375 gm Butter

-         ¾  liter water

-         10 gm salt

-         30 gm Sugar

-         ½  Grated nutmeg<!


-         375 gm AP Flour 


-    12 Eggs

1.       In a pot bring water, butter, salt and sugar into a boil

2.       Add the flour and using a wooden spatula, mix well.

3.       Keep cooking on low heat, stirring well for about 1 min or so.

4.       Pour the mix into a bowl (or Kitchenaid) and start adding the eggs one by one stirring firmly.

5.       Homogenize the mix until it becomes very smooth and almost runny.

6.       Fill a pastry bag with a 1/3” diameter piping tip, of this mix, start dressing the pate a choux on a baking sheet (directly if non stick or on parchment paper).

7.       Break one egg into a glass with a pinch of salt; mix well with a fork.

8.       Using a brush, lightly glaze each choux of this egg wash

9.       Then by using the same fork, mark the top of each choux.

10.         Preheat the oven to 300ºF.

11.         As soon as you close the oven behind the choux select your oven at 275ºF and let bake for about 30 min.

12.         Very important : Do not open the oven until the choux rise and turn into golden color; otherwise they would collapse.

-          1 liter milk

-          100 gm praline paste

-          16 yolks

-          50 gm sugar

-          80 gm pastry cream powder

-          7 gelatin leaves

-          16 whites

-          300 gm sugar

Boil milk then add the praline paste

Blanch by whisking yolks and sugar

Proceed like regular pastry cream

Just before boil, add the already soaked gelatin , keep whisking energetically until boil.

Remove into bowl and cover with plastic

With white and sugar make a meringue the same way as passion fruit soufflés.

Add the meringue to the still hot praline cream , and pipe into ring molds right away.

Refrigerate and un mold with a knife and hot water.

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