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WARABI MOCHI (Read more)



    1800 cl Water

    500 gm Bracken Powder

    100 gm Sanontou

           (Japanese for brown sugar)

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   Bracken fiddleheads (the immature, tightly curled emerging fronds) have been considered edible by many cultures throughout history, and are still commonly used today as a foodstuff.

   Bracken fiddleheads are either consumed fresh (and cooked) or preserved by salting, pickling, or sun drying.

   In Korea, where they are called gosari , they are a typical ingredient in the mixed rice dish called bibimbap.

   Both fronds and rhizomes have been used to brew beer, and the rhizome starch has been used as a substitute for arrowroot.

   Bread can be made out of dried and powered rhizomes alone or with other flour.

   American Indians cooked the rhizomes, then peeled and ate them or pounded the starchy fiber into flour.

   In Japan, starch from the rhizomes is used to make confections.     read more ►

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Warabi mochi





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