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Almond Tofu

Berry Napoleon

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Berry Soup, Fromage Blanc Sorbet

Strawberry Club

Strawberry Entremet

Strawberry Infusion

Strawberry Napoleon

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake (step by step)

Strawberry Tart "Minute"

Strawberry Tartare

Strudel Fraises des Bois

Tri Star Strawberry

Yogurt Pancakes

 | almond mlk tofu | strawberry water | Asian pear chips |


 Almond Milk Tofu

  It is more a jelly featuring the Agar Agar (The Famous Japanese Seaweed Gelatin)

 - 2 quart Milk

 - 200 gm Almond Paste 60 %

 - 170 gm Sugar

 - 1 stick Agar Agar (Kanten)

- Soak the Agar in cold water until soft

- Bring milk to a boil

- Add the Marzipan by small pieces anf let it dissolve in hot milk while whisking

- Add  the Agar after squeezing it between hands to express water away

- Let simmer until Agar is totally dissolved

- Add the sugar

- Strain before pouring into appropriate mold

- Allow to chill before cutting

 Strawberry Water

   It is bottled spring water flavored with the maceration of strawberries, lime, orange and sugar then strained through a towel or cheese cloth

 - 2 kg Strawberries

- 1 orange

- 1 lime

- 2 liters Spring Water (or little more if needed)

- Cut strawberries in pieces, add sliced citrus and sugar

- Slowly incorporate all ingredients together and let sit for at least one hour, gently stirring time to time

- Add the spring water, cold from fridge, stir well and refrigerate allowing maceration for 24 hours

- First strain the liquid through a chinois or fine mesh colander

- Then pass the strawberry liquid through a multi layered cheese cloth

-  This will prevent the liquid from remaining cloudy and transforming into a limpid , red colored water

- Keep refrigerated until needed and always until only needed

- It can also be stored in the freezer. It works better than trying to keep it more than 4 days.

 The Fruit Chips

  are very thin slices of Japanese pear, slightly sugared with confectioners sugar and dried in a convection oven at low temperature for an hour or two.

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