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 | dough | passion cream  |


500 butter
350 powdered sugar

300 gm Almond Flour
900 all purpose flour
5 eggs
10 gm salt

 Cream butter and sugar on 2nd speed. Add flours and mix on 1st speed
until just incorporated, then finish by hand. Roll out thin and cut dough into triangles before baking. Put small hole in top of 90° corner. Cook at 160° for 10 min.

Cut 24 square 3 1/4 big . Then cut on a diagonal to make 2 triangles

DESSINS/careme_strawberry_club_sheet.jpg             DESSINS/careme_strawberry_club_triangle.jpg


500 g. milk
75 g. pastry cream powder
500 g. passion fruit puree
225 g. sugar
whipped cream 

Bring milk  to a boil. Mix pastry cream powder, sugar and passion puree in a bowl. Add milk then return to fire and cook until thickened. Let cool and add ¾ parts whipped cream to 1 part pastry cream.

 To Serve

 Fresh passion seeds
fresh strawberries

 Place one triangle on plate. Top with strawberries in the corners and cream in center. Repeat and top with cookie. Make sure the holes in the cookies line up and drive a skewer all the way down. Spike skewer with a strawberry. Garnish plate with passion fruit seeds.

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