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 Layered Cake

with Vanilla Mousseline

Fresh Strawberries

 more with Strawberries
Almond Tofu 

Berry Napoleon

   step by step / ROUND

   step by step / LONG

Berry Soup, Fromage Blanc Sorbet

Strawberry Club

Strawberry Entremet

Strawberry Infusion

Strawberry Napoleon

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake (step by step)

Strawberry Tart "Minute"

Strawberry Tartare

Strudel Fraises des Bois

Tri Star Strawberry

Yogurt Pancakes



  - 660 gm(34) egg yolks

  - 2 whole eggs

  - 1 kg sugar

  - 1 kg butter

  - 300 gm all purpose flour

  - 300 gm corn starch


-Whip yolks ans sugar until butter is melting

-Add melted butter

- Then add flour and cornstarch, sifted together

- Linen two large sheet pans with butter and parchment paper

- Share the mix onto trays

- Bake at 315F for about 25 min

- Let cool and refrigerate



  - 500 gm Praline paste

  - 200 gm milk chocolate

  - 50 gm butter

  - 250 gm Feuilletine crisp


1- Melt praline, butter and chocolate together over double boiler

2- Once melted, add feuilletine crisps

3- Set to square molds to 12" X 22"

4- Butter parchment on 2 whole sheets trays

5- spread praline/feuilletine mix evenly within molds

6- Pour into fridge until ready to use

 RASPBERRY SYRUP with Woodberry Tea


  -    1 kg 200 Fresh Raspberries
  -    1 kg Sugar
  -    200 gm light Corn Syrup
  -    200 gm water
  -    2 cups Woodberry Tea

           11 leaves gelatin for 1 quart of syrup


  Boil sugar and syrup with water and let cook until reaching the level of the “Hard ball” or 121 C
  Add the raspberries and let simmer for 15 minutes or until they entirely fall apart
  Strain and bring back to the boil, add the Tea, turn off flame and let infuse, covered for 30 minutes
  Strain again but keep the Tea for a next time during which you will be adding some unused one.





 Combine pastry cream and utter until homogenized



- 1 quart Milk

- 2 Eggs

- 80 gm pastry cream powder

- 225 gm sugar


- Bring milk to a boil

- Mix eggs , Sugar and powder until smooth

- Add part of boiling milk over egg mixture

- Combine everything and bring back to the boil. The cream needs to be cold before being used



- 1/2 cup corn syrup

- 1 lb sugar

- 1 cup water

- 250 gm egg whites

- 2 lbs butter


- Cook corn syrup, sugar and water up to 121C

- In mixer start eggs whites on 2nd speed

- When sugar is about ready, turn mixer onto 3rd speed

- Gently pour sugar over beating whites

- Let work until lukewarm

- Add diced cold butter to the still running meringue (Swiss) and let turn intil well homogenized

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