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- 950 Gm All purpose Flour

- 450 gm Confectioners Sugar

- 550 gm Blanched Almond Flour

- 550 gm Soft Butter


- 450 gm Cold Butter

- Mix by hand flour / sugar / almond flour and butter until “sablé”

- Pass through a fine sieve or tamis.

- Spread the crumble over a tray and cook at 300 F until golden brown.

- Let cool completely.

- Pulverize this cooked dough in robot coupe.

- In the mixing bowl using the paddle attachement, add the second amount of butter (cold) and let work until "sable"

   - 190 gm Lemon Juice

  - 125 gm Heavy cream

  - 8 egg yolks

  - 50 gm Sugar

  - 25 pastry cream powder

  - 8gelatin leaves

  - 8 egg whites

  - 125 gm Sugar

  - 25 gm light corn syrup

Make the pastry cream using the five first ingredients.

Add the gelatin before the boiling point

With the three last ingredients, make a meringue,” Italienne” technique.

Fold the meringue into pastry cream.



1kg600 TriStar Strawberries

600 gm sugar         

1 orange         

3 vanilla beans         

____cornstarch + ____Water

- Cut strawberries in halves

- Macerate for 10 minutes with sugar, orange slices and vanilla in a bowl

-  Cover with plastic wrap and seal well

- Cook like in a pressure cooker but over low heat fro about 20 minutes'

- Strain the cooking liquid in pot and put back on the stove

Bring the syrup to the boil and add the water / starch solution to slightly thicken.  


- 200 grs sugar

- 200 grs water

- 1 bunch lemon verbena

- 2 lemons juiced

- 1/8 liter Pellegrino

- 1 Egg white

Bring water and sugar to a boil

Add lemon verbena

Let cool, blend for 10 seconds and strain

Add Pellegrino, egg white and turn

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