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 YIELD: 4 X 28 oz

- 3 kg Fresh Strawberries (quartered)

- 1550 gm Sugar

- 3 vanilla beans

- 3 Oranges (Zest and Juices)


  Slowly infuse all ingredients together and let cool completely covered.  

  Strain without pushing the strawberries.


 YIELD : 5 quart


- 3 kg strawberries, hulled and quartered

- 1 bottle (760 ml) dry red wine (Languedoc or Cahors or Côtes du Rhônes)

- 7 cups of sugar

- 4 vanilla bean

- 6 lemon juiced


  Combine the strawberries, red wine and sugar in a bowl and stir.

  Split the vanilla bean lengthwise in half and scrape out the seeds.

  Mix everything together and let macerate a few hours in fridge.

  Remove pod and puree the mix in a blender. 

  Freeze in ice cream machine

 To Serve

   Strawberries cut in half or quarters depending on size

   Mix berries with infusion.

   Put into bowl and top with sorbet.

  Add red currants balls in available.

  Garnish with strawberry chip or Lady Fingers .

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