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GRAND-MARNIER SYRUP | Candied Orange Zest |




          1 - 17 yolks + 1 whole egg

          1 - 250 gm Sugar

    1 - 1 tbsp Orange blossom water

    1 – 1 tsp Vanilla extract

    2 - 300 gm AP Flour

    2 - 110 gm Corn Starch

    3 - 17 Egg whites

    3 - 160 gm Sugar


  Having a spare mixing bowl tremendously improve the operation

 In kitchen Aid, mix on high speed, Yolks/single egg/sugar until light and lemon color. Add flavoring before shutting off.

  In the spare mixing bowl, beat the whites and add the sugar at the end to obtain the  hard peaks

  Mix a small amount of the firm whites to the yolk/sugar mixture. Pour this mixture over the sifted dries (2-) and gently fold in.

  Add the remaining whites and homogenized using a rubber spatula.

  Garnish the pastry bag & large tip and pipe the lady fingers over sheet trays linen with parchment paper .

 Generously sprinkle confectioners sugar over the lady fingers and let sit for 7 to 8 minutes before baking

  Bake at 325 F for 12 to 14 minutes ( rotate the trays after the first 8 or 9 minutes.


    1 - 17 yolks + 1 whole egg

    1 - 250 gm Sugar

    2 - 410 gm AP Flour

    2 - 50 gm Cocoa Powder

    3 - 17 Egg whites

    3 - 60 gm Sugar


  Same as above

  The only warning would be not to over mix because of the reaction when adding cocoa powder to the mix.

  For some reasons cocoa powder and beaten egg whites find it hard to co-inhabit together


       1 liter Water

1 kg Sugar

1 cup Grand Marnier Liquor


   Bring sugar and water to a boil and let cool completely

  Add Grand Marnier and Using a spray bottle, spray the flavored syrup on the lady finger, side and bottom


      Orange Zest

500 gm Water

500 gm Sugar


 Blanch the zest first in water, from cold to the boiling point

Drain them

Cover them with cold , add the same amount of sugar and bring the the boil.

Turn off flame and allow to cool completely.

The next day of the same day (if cooled completely), bring back to the boil.

Let cool before using as a filling for a cake or confection.

They can be served warm acompagnying a dessert


       1 - 1 liter milk

1 - 2 vanilla beans

2 - 240 gm (12) Egg Yolks

2 - 300 gm Sugar

3 - 12 Gelatin Leaves

4 - 1 liter Heavy Cream (Whipped)


Bring the milk to a boil, infusing the vanilla beans

  Meanwhile mix well yolks and sugar together until light lemon color

  Add a part of boiling milk onto mix yolk/sugar and combine every in a cooking pot.

  By using a wooden spoon,gently finish cooking the crème anglaise until thick enough to cover the back of the spoon.

The safest way remains to use a thermometer. In this case, turn off the flame when the mixture reaches 84 C / 183 F.

 Strain immediately into a bowl over the presoaked and well drained gelatin leaves

  Keep over a bath of ice until thickening

  Finally add the whipped cream and fill in the mold, half way

   Before being ready to cover with the Chocolate mousse, place a thin disc of tempered Chocolate onto the vanilla cream like it says below


       1 - 320 gm (16) Egg Yolks

2 – ¼ cup Corn Syrup

2 – 360 gm Sugar

2 – ½ water

3 – 600 gm Chocolate Dark 66%

4 – 1200 ml Heavy Cream, Whipped


 Cook corn syrup/sugar/water until soft ball 121C.

  Pour the cooked sugar over the beating yolks and let work until almost cold.

  Add the melted chocolate (very warm) and mix energetically .

Add a small amount of the whipped cream to the chocolate/yolks/sugar mixture, mix well and add it to the whipped cream.

Gently fold in the ingredients until smooth and homogenized.

  Share the mousse between the charlotte molds and smooth it up using an offset spatula.

Refrigerate before removing ring mold


 CHOCOLATE CURLS                                                        

-   Semi-sweet Chocolate


      1 - 1 liter Water

1 – 600 gm Sugar

1 – 1 quart heavy Cream

2 – 400 gm Dark Cocoa Powder


   Bring water/cream/sugar to a boil

  Add the cocoa powder, whisk well and bring back to the boil.

  Remove from flame at the boil

  Let cool completely in keep refrigerated until needed.

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