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 ROCKY ROAD more with Praline Crisp



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| MONTAGE | Chocolate Joconde | Praline Feuilletine | Gianduja Mousse | Coffee Cointreau IC |



 Rocky Road Bar (from bottom to top)

-    Thin layer of Chocolate Joconde (rich traditional sponge cake)
-    Thin layer of Feuilletine Praline (combination of praline paste*, Milk chocolate, butter and broken crispy crêpes)
-    Thin layer Gianduja ** Chocolate mousse
-    Thin layer of Feuilletine Praline
-    Thin layer Gianduja chocolate mousse
-    Thin layer of Feuilletine Praline
-    Thin layer of Gianduja chocolate mousse
-    Top of the confection is paint-sprayed with dark chocolate and cocoa butter
-    Sitting on the confection are the authentic NY Street Candied peanuts.

  in front of the confection , is an ice-cream made from the infusion of whole coffee beans in milk and cream, then flavored with a splash of “Cointreau”.

-    A double espresso coffee syrup is leaking
 from the top of the quenelle of ice-cream


 Chocolate Joconde

      -    500 gm Eggs
     -    400 gm Confectioners Sugar
     -    400 gm Blanched Almond Flour
     -    110 gm Cocoa Powder

     -    350 gm Egg whites
     -    50 gm Sugar

     -    90 gm Butter (hazelnut)
     -    90 gm All purpose Flour


   Whip together the first four ingredients for about 10 minutes

  Fold in beaten egg whites with sugar and the squeeze of half a lemon.

  Fold in cooked butter
  Then the sifted flour
  Divide the mix on half sheet trays filling each one with 2 X 8 once ladles of mix
(yield 4 half trays)
  Bake at 325F for about 10 minutes


 Praline Feuilletine

     -    1 kg Praline paste
     -    300 gm Milk Chocolate
     -    100 gm Butter
     -    500 gm Feuilletine
          Scale 375 gm per half sheet tray

  Melt together over a double boiler
  Praline paste / Chocolate and butter
  old in the feuilletine
  Linen the half sheet trays with parchment paper , divide mix on  trays and spread evenly.
  Wrap with plastic and freeze until needed.


 Gianduja Mousse

 -    500 gm Gianduja Chocolate

-    120 gm egg yolks
-    150 gm sugar
-    40 gm water

-    5 leaves gelatin
-    4 oz heavy cream

-    1 ½ quarts heavy cream (whipped)


   Melt the chocolate over double boiler
  Cook sugar and water until soft ball and pour it over beating egg yolks (sabayon).
  When still lukewarm, add melted gelatin in 4oz of heavy cream, mix well.
  Add the melted chocolate into sabayon, using a spatula, add a little whip cream, mix well and finally add it all to the whipped cream.
  Gently combine , confectioning the mousse.


 Coffee “Cointreau” Ice-cream

   Made from the infusion of whole coffee beans in milk and cream, then flavored with a splash of “Cointreau”.

  Then proceed like a simple vanilla ice cream .