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 GREEN TEA RASPBERRY ROSEmore with Raspberry

Chocolate Mille Feuilles


Raspberry Chocolate Napoleon

Raspberry Noodles

Raspberry Crisp Napoleon

Raspberry Petit Beurre

Raspberry Tart



   Yield: 4 large sheet trays


1-  20 Eggs

1 - 375 gm Bl almond Flour

1 - 750 gm 10X

2 - 750 gm Egg Whites

2- 175 gm Sugar

3 - 200 gm AP Flour

3 - 375 gm Grated Coconut

4 - 150 gm Brown Butt


In mixer combine three first ingredients (1-) using the whisk, until fluffy

  Beat egg whites and sugar (2-) hard peaks.

   Add  the firm whites keeping a third for the end

  Add sifted flour and  grated coconut (3-)  to mix (1+2) , and finish by adding the remaining whites.. Gently combine.

  Finally add the hot brown butter

  Linen 4 large sheet trays with parchment using soft butter (on tray first to make parchment stick and then on parchment)

  Bake at 300 F for 8 min and 275F for 8 minutes (on high blow)


Yield : 2 large sheet trays

75O gm Raspberry Jam

1 kg White Chocolate

2 tsp Rose Water

 Bring the Raspberry jam to the boiling point

Turn off flame and add chocolate (pistols or chopped), using a wire whisk.

 Let cool and spread over the Joconde , still on the baking tray.


Raspberry Rose     BUTTER CREAM

Yield : 2 large sheet trays

- ½ cup Corn Syrup

-   1 lb Sugar


-   1 cup (8) Egg whites


-   2 lbs Butter


- 4 tsp Rose Water

- 500 gm Raspberry Jam



+ 500 gm Pastry Cream



 Cook corn syrup, sugar and water up to 121C

 In mixer start eggs whites on 2nd speed    

 When sugar is about ready, turn mixer onto 3rd speed

 Gently pour sugar over beating whites

 Let work until lukewarm

Add diced cold butter to the still running meringue (Swiss) and let turn intil well homogenized

Add the Rose Water


 Add the Raspberry Jam to the cold pastry cream, using a whisk. Combine very well.

 Add the  pastry cream to the butter cream. Combine well.

 The mousseline is now ready to be used . 


  Yield : 2 large sheet trays

     800 gm Chocolate      

     Valrhona White

     250 gm Butter
     200 gm Corn Oil

Over double boiler (as said above) melt all the ingredients together.

  Temper before spreading over the Opera Cake (this operation could be accelerated on ice)

  Let set outside before storing in fridge (wrapped of course with plastic film).

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