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Chocolate Mille Feuilles


Raspberry Chocolate Napoleon

Raspberry Noodles

Raspberry Crisp Napoleon

Raspberry Petit Beurre

Raspberry Tart

| Frangipane Crisp | Raspbery Mousse | Raspberry Syrup |



-    1 lb Butter (creamy)
-     1 lb Confectioners Sugar
-    1 lb Blanched Almond Flour
-    10 Eggs (cold)
-    1 tbsp Dark Rum


Put the first three ingredients , butter  first.                       

Cover the butter with the sugar and almond flour

Crack the eggs over the almond flour and turn on first speed for 10 seconds, second speed for 5 seconds, third  speed for 10seconds

Put back then onto second speed until the mix becomes fluffy until clear yellow color  
Finally add the Rum , and a couple of more turns


-    1 kg Raspberry puree
-    500 gm Sugar
-    11 gelatin Sheets


   Heat Sugar and raspberry puree
  Add gelatin
  Keep in fridge until needed
  Take 375 gm of this base, put it in the microwave or over a double      boiler to soften it (not liquid)
  And add 375 gm of whipped cream (firm and cold)

 RASPBERRY SYRUP with Woodberry Tea

-    1 kg 200 Fresh Raspberries
-     1 kg Sugar
-    200 gm light Corn Syrup
-    200 gm water
-    2 cups Woodberry Tea


   Boil sugar and syrup with water and let cook until reaching the level of the “Hard ball” or 121 C
  Add the raspberries and let simmer for 15 minutes or until they entirely fall apart
  Strain and bring back to the boil, add the Tea, turn off flame and let infuse, covered for 30 minutes
  Strain again but keep the Tea for a next time during which you will be adding some unused one.


 *Use Fresh Raspberries for garnish