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2 1/2 (time) SUGAR / Amount of LIQUID
  - 400 gm water
  - 1 kg sugar
  - 200 gm light corn syrup
     (to prevent a too fast cristalization)
 __Bring all ingredients to a boil__
 Dispense in stainless steel or plastic container , sealed when hot
other wise it will slowly cristalized and become useless
 This syrup can be used to sugar coat and serve hot fruits per order next to a sorbet or ice cream . 
 In a skillet ,pour some of the syrup ,add a dot of butter, wait for the bubles, add the fruits or berries and gently toss them by twisting them over each other   (see some raspberries)
 The Classic way to Candy the "Fruits Deguisés" and to make them sparkle and shine    
     - First ,let the little marzipan fruits soak in the syrup for 1 or 2 days
     - Then, let them drain over a cooling rack for 1/2 a day ,
       They will shine from tiny cristals
 SIMPLE  30 to 32 B
Amount of SUGAR = Amount of WATER
   - 1 Liter Water
   - 1 kg sugar
    (corn syrup is not necessary)
 __Bring all ingredients to a boil _store in fridge , covered__
 Commonly used for punching (call so when adding liquor)    sponges or glazing pastries when still hot
 Used as well for the sorbets . and it is fast and convenient because there is always some in the fridge
 Also used to sweeten fruit purées to obtain a simple and fresh coulis
 When boiling and added to beating eggs , it helps to obtain the ideal Sabayon or "Pate-a-Bombes" for the confection of frozen Parfaits , Souffles or Semi-freddos 
 LIGHT  16 B
1/2 SUGAR / Amount of WATER
   - 1 Liter Water
   - 500 gm Sugar
 Can be also used for punching (call so when adding liquor) cakes
 Usually used as a poaching syrup (Pineapple , pears, Peaches...
   (keep poached items infridge , covered_
 Proceed same as Simple Syrup

 If used as a sweetener for sorbets , it can be a vehicle to bring some extra flavors (infusing herbs , teas , or citrus rinds , vanilla ,lemongrass, ginger , etc...)
   __ this syrup will mostly be used for sorbets with a strong alcohol content. (Calvados / vodka ..etc.)
    The sugar is used as a stabilizer in many different ways.
    In the case of Ice-creams and Sorbets, it prevents the icyness by providing a smooth texture to the frozen product, and prevent it as well from becoming to hard. But the needed amount could overtake control on the desired result.

It is sometimes better and more acceptable to the palate to reduce the sweetness by substituing the regular sugar by an inverted one.
This inverted sugar will give a more pleasant texture to the product . On the top of the list of the ones everyone knows are:
(This one will caracterize the preparation . It spouses well with flavors like :
licorice / any yellow vegetable (pumpkin / sweet potato ) / gingerbread and more
There are many ways to thicken a syrup to obtain an onctuous sauce and without having to exagerate and even cut on the sweetness
( sugar is a  good preservative and smoothener but there are a few ways to keep the distances from diabete.
 C_(cold sauces) _H_ ( hot sauces )
- Gelatin leaves ( 2 leaves/liter)    C
- Agar- Agar powder or seaweed gelatin (2 tbsp/liter)   C
- Apple Pectin  or Quince ( 1 1/2 tbsp/liter)   C
- Corn starch or potato starch (by eye while adding to boiling liquid) C & H
- Rice starch (100gm/liter) add and let simmer a few minutes before straining  C & H
- Cold Butter (constantly whisking it in just before serving)  H
1"diced green apples with skin & seeds, put in a pot, covered 2"over the top of apples with cold water, 1 sliced lemon, 2 or 3 cinnamon sticks and 200 grs sugar / liter of water;
Bring every thing slowly to a boil, with a lid on top, tjhen let simmer as long as it would take to see the apples turning translucide.
Remove from the stove and let cool down before straining.
To extract the most syrup and flavor from the fruits, and using a cheese clothe, twist with hands and get as much as you can without passing the pulp through.
Bring the syrup back to a boil, meanwhile, wash some rice(100grs /liter of water) in a strainer with cold running water,drain until syrup reaches boilig point.
Then add the rice to it, bring back to a boil and let simmer a few minutes.
Strain again and let cool totally.
Before serving, add reasonably some good Calvados "Pere Magloire"