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 No Chocolate ...Cocoa powder only

 Cocoa powderCrème anglaise
 Chocolate Fudge more
 1 liter water
 600  grs  sugar
 1 Qt  heavy cream
 400 grs  cocoa powder
                  3 STEPS
   Bring water and sugar to a boil
   Add the cream , bring back to a boil
   Incorporate the cocoa powder using a whisk
and bring back to a boil stirring constantly

 Crème Anglaise

 Cocoa powderCrème anglaise 
 Chocolate Fudge more
   with 200 gm chocolate (54 to 72%)
 1 Qt  milk
 1 cup heavy cream
 3  Vanilla beans (optional)
 12 each yolks
 1  cup  (225 gm) sugar
 optional  : pinch of sea salt
  Bring the milk and cream to a boil a first time infusing the vanilla beans (do the same if you use vanilla extract).
  Beating energetically using a wire whisk, combine yolks and sugar until it turn into lemon color.
  Remove the boiling liquid from the flame
Pour some of the boiling liquid over the egg /sugar mixture, mix well and add this mixture back to the remaining boiled liquid.
  Put the pan back on the stove over medium heat .
By using a wooden spoon,gently finish cooking the crème anglaise until thick enough to cover the back of the spoon.
  The safest way remains to use a thermometer. In this case, turn off the flame when the mixture reaches 84 C / 183 F.
  Strain immediately into a bowl over a bath of ice
TIP: by tracing a line with a finger on the cream coated spoon, we should see this line remaining still.


 Cocoa powderCrème anglaise 
 Chocolate Fudge more
 1 litre Eau
 280 gr Poudre de cacao
 900 gr Sirop de mais
 1000 gr Sucre
 900 gr Beurre
 900 gr Chocolat 64% minimum
 65 gr Extrait de vanille
 1.5 tsp Sel

    Chauffer l'eau , le cacao , le sirop de mais et le sucre .

    Ajouter le chocolat et le beurre .

    Cuire doucementjusqu'à consistance .

    Ajouter en fin de cuisson le sel et le ou les aromes .


 with real Chocolate

 Cocoa powderCrème anglaise 
 Chocolate Fudge more
  and less calories
 1 lb (450gm) Chocolate (Dark - Milk - White)
 1  pint of boiling water   (more or less)
  For a Fondue the sauce it shouldn't be to liquid
   Add a flavor (some examples)
 Dark Chocolate 
  and less calories
      Candied rinds of citrus (orange, lemon, iuzu ..)
    Substitute water with Brandy (Rum , ...)
 Milk Chocolate 
    Nuts (Whole or crushed)
    Nut pastes (pistachio , Hazelnut , peanut butter ...)
    Malted milk (using he added water)
    Candied rinds (Clementine ,Mandarin ...)
  White Chocolate 
     Candied Rinds (lime , kumquat ...)
    Substitute water with Liquor (Kirschwasser , Amaretto ...)
    Pieces of dry fruits (Cherries , Pineapple ,Mango ...)
  These are just suggestions that work well , but there are no rules and much more to experiment .

 with more calories

 Cocoa powderCrème anglaise 
 Chocolate Fudge more
Proceed like it says above
Just substitute the water with cream
It will become more likely a hot ganache
It means that when you'll be done with your fondue ,you'll be able to confection some homemade TRUFFLES
_very important_ let the ganache totally cool before storing in the fridge (otherwise you will obtain a layer of separated fat atop the ganache)
_other tip_ after taking the ganache out of the fridge , wait for 20 min ,then in the mixer and using the spatula , give it a short emulsion (let just turn 10 seconds onto medium speed) and you'll obtain a rich chocolate mousse
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