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 making CARAMEL for a sauce
 with Crème Fraiche and Spices
 40 pieces star anise
 200  grs cinnamon sticks
 60 pieces  cloves
 20  tBsp white peppercorn
  Grind spices coarsely
  270  grs  honey
 270  grs  butter
 2 tBsp  spice mix
 600  grs creme fraiche
 1/2  lemon juice

   It gives a nice twist to the cream

   It is even better if the spices are previously toasted on a skillet

   This sauce may be served with poached fruits like Pears, Peaches



Crème Fraiche & SpicesToffee ButterscotchPineapple BayleysSt Emilion
 2  #  sugar
 1 cup  light corn syrup
 1 Quart heavy cream
 1 Qt ½ & ½

  Rum    Bourbon    Calvados    Bayley's   Pear

     or other kind of Brandy


    In a stainless steel pot, bring the ithre first ingredients  to a boil

    Then reduce the flame and let simmer as long as needed to obtain a light golden brown mixture.
    During this operation ,it is necessary to stir often and also to skim the cooking liquid with a laddle (kept on the side in a water bath).
    When ready , gradually add the 1/2 &1/2 (or 1/2 cream-1/2 milk), whisking constantly
    Add the desired liquor and finish by bringing back to a boil a last time.


Crème Fraiche & SpicesToffee ButterscotchPineapple BayleysSt Emilion
 1 sq inch
 diced pineapple
 3 oz (90gm) salted butter 
 1  lb (450 gm) sugar  
 2  tBsp coarsed coriander seeds.
   Saute the pineapple with butter and sugar until blond caramel , then add the coriander seeds  .
   If you are not satisfied with the perception of the flavor of coriander, add some more, otherwise continue and flambee with
 1 cup Bayley's
         then add
 3  cans coconut milk (400 ml each)
 1  pint pineapple juice

   Bring toa boil and let simmer for about 15 minutes .

   Remove from the flame and add a few leaves of cilantro . 

   Let infuse before straining.

    Serve with exotic fruit and yogurt Pancakes


 Saint-EMILION  *redwine

Crème Fraiche & SpicesToffee ButterscotchPineapple BayleysSt Emilion
 Red Wine from The Bordeaux Region in France
 3 oz Butter
 1 lb (450 gm) sugar
 1 tsp  salt
   Bring ingredients to caramel color stirring constantly with a wooden spatula.
   Then add
 1  bottle good red wine from the Bordeaux région or
 ( Cahors, Languedoc or some kind of Syrha)
 1 Rind Orange, Lemon , Lime
 1 Juice Orange, Lemon , Lime
 1  vanilla bean (cut in halves , lenghtwise)
   Keep cooking the Caramel/wine but also reducing it to its half.
   Add then the Juices of the citrus
   Let cook for another 3 to 4 minutes .
   Strain through fine mesh and keep cover
   When needed , reheat some of the base in a casserole
   Add some good butter (cold) and "Monte" (emulsify)

Serve with summer berries (cold)

 _can't wait to long , the sauce has to be hot to enhance the effect of the temperature differences_

 Langues de chat or Almond cookies to go with
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