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Rhubarb Tart

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- 900 grs all purpose flour

- 300 Blanched almond flour

 - 350 grs 10 X sugar

-  500 grs butter (cold)


- 4 whole eggs + 1 yolk


  *Make about 40 tarts with shown recipe

  * In the mixing bowl,using the paddle, sand together Flours, sugar and butter.

  * When sandy and lightly butter color add the eggs and eventually leftover of overworked pieces of dough

  * Mix well until creamy and break down to 3 or 4 pieces wrapped individually until needed.

  * When thr dough is cold (next Day) roll it at 2 cm thick over counter dusted with flour

(because the fragileness of dough, don’t try to make to many at once)   


RHUBARB  preparing

 * Cut the rhubarb on both sides and clean with just a wet towel.

(firmly, taking off parts of dead skin)

  * Slice rhubarb 1/8” thick (unpeeled)


 Rhubarb Ice cream

  - 500 gm butter 

  - 2 Kg sugar

  - 6 orange zests

  - 3 vanilla beans


  - 50 eggs


  - 2 Lbs yogurt (lowfat)

  - 3 liter Rhubarb juice

  - red food color (if necessary)

  - ¼ cup grenadine (optional)


 – Melt butter and sugar together

 – Add orange zest, remove from flame

 – Add the eggs (beaten into omelet)

 – Stir energetically

 – Cook over low heat stir, constantly

until mix covers back of spoon

– Immediately add yogurt, rhubarb juice 

 - Let cool completely before spinning

 Crushed Strawberry Cream

- 450 grs Strawberries

- 100 grs sugar

- 100 grs creme Fraiche

- 300 grs whipped cream


Cut the strawberries in halves

Add the sugar and rub the strawberries again each other to break them

Add the yogurt and whipped cream when ready to serve



That’s for One:

- 2 pinches of all purpose flour

- 10 grs cinnamon sugar

- 85 grs Creme Fraiche

- 100 grs slices of Rhubarb ( unpeeled)


* Prebake the tart shells for 10 min in a 300ºF oven (very light color) and let cool down

* Sprinkle the flour and some cinnamon sugar in the bottom.

* Spread the creme fraiche onto the whole surface

* Garnish the tart with Rhubarb (as tight as possible)

* Sprinkle the rest of cinnamon over the rhubarb .

* Bake at 300ºF forat least 30 min or until the rhubarb becomes cooked but still a little firm.



* Keep the tarts on top of oven . Remove from mold when needed and put on plate

* On side of tart (same plate), put cream in

small ramequin

Sprinkle toasted almonds all around and shake powder sugar over entire plate (little)

 Rhubarb Soup

- 1.5 " (3.5cm) pieces of Rhubarb

-  Water 

- Sugar  ; 350gm / liter of water

- Vanilla bean ; 1 bean / 2 liter of water


  Put all pieces into a pot and cover with water 2 inches above the Rhubarb

  Then follow the recipe by adding the amount of sugar and vanille per quantity of water 

 Cover the pot with a lid and bring to a boil 

 After boiling point , keep the rhubarb simmering for another 5 to 10 minutes over low heat .

  When ready , using a wire whisk , stirr energetically , decomposing the ru=hubarb . 

 Let ccol totally and refrigerate .

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