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 RHUBARB COBBLER more Rhubarb Desserts

with Raspberries, Blueberries

and crème Fraiche Sherbet

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Rhubarb Cobbler

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Rhubarb Tart

| Sautéed Rhubarb | Cobbler Dough | Fromage Blanc Sherbet |

 -    Sauteed Rhubarb in caramel done with Butter and light brown sugar flavored with vanilla beans.
-    Fresh Raspberries and Main Blueberries added to the Rhubarb compote.
-    Covered with a disc of Cobber dough in which sugar in the raw is incorporated
-    Baked in convection oven for about 15 minutes.
-    Served with a Quenelle of Fromage Blanc Sherbet  in a coffee spoon on the side.


 Sauteed Rhubarb

 -    12 sticks of rhubarb

-    1 lb light brown sugar
-    ½ cup light corn syrup
-    4 oz butter

-    2 vanilla beans
-    4oz “Chambord” Raspberry liquor


  Wash the rhubarb in cold water and the using a clean wet towel the dead skin from the stick.

 Cut the rhubarb into ¾ inch chunks.

 Cook together corn syrup / sugar and butter, constantly stirring with a spatula, until it becomes caramel.

 Add the vanilla beans and Rhubarb and gently fold in caramel.
 Don’t worry if caramel start setting hard, just keep cooking and stirring.

 Add The “Chambord” raspberry liquor and keep cooking until the caramel totally combines into liquid.

 Using a strainer remove the pieces of rhubarb before they fall apart or melt into liquid. They should be still hard.

 Since you add the rhubarb to the caramel, this whole process last about 10 minutes.

 Then reduce the cooking liquid until heavy syrup consistency (soft ball)

 Finally add fold in the pieces of rhubarb and remove from stove.
 Five minutes after divide this compote into 3 quart containers and seal warm.


 Cobbler Dough


 -    990 gm all purpose flour
-    210 gm Sugar
-    75 gm baking powder
-    15 gm baking soda
-    10 gm sea salt
-    375 gm butter
-    380 gm Heavy cream


  In the mixer with the paddle attachment combine flour / sugar /baking powder and salt

 Add the butter until crumble

 Add the cream

 Don’t over mix.

 Using a rolling pin, roll the dough on a slightly dusted table incorporating at the same time a good amount of sugar in the raw.

 When sheeted at about ¼ inch thick, punch out the discs that will appropriately seal the mold .

 Finally remove a small circle of dough from the center of these discs.

 These little holes will prevent the steaming when baking to damage the product.


 Fromage Blanc Sherbet


 -    890 gm Fromage Blanc (20%)
-    110 gm Crème Fraiche
-    400 gm Sugar
-    150 gm Honey
-    12 gm Agar powder
-    756 gm Lime juice
-    866 gm Water

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