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| lemon sherbet | cilantro pesto | crystalized cilantro | brick | to SERVE |



  - 1 pint Water

  - 1 lb (450 gm ) sugar

  - 3 gm Agar powder

  - 1 pint Milk

  - 1 pint Fresh lemon Juice


Bring sugar and water to a boil .

Let cool and add milk and lemon juice.

Freeze in ice cream maker.



   - 30 gm water

   - 60 gm Sugar

   - 10 gm cornstarch

   - 10 gm Ginger

   - 4 pieces Black Pepper

   - 2 cups Cilantro Purée


Bring all ingredients to a boil except the cilantro and corn starch.

Infuse the syrup with 1/3 (half) the Cilantro for 15 minutes.

Strainand pour the liquid into a blender with the remaining coriander puree

Thicken with corn starch.



   - 1 egg white

   - 1 pint water

   - fresh cilantro

   - Granulated sugar or superfine


Combine egg white and water and whisk until foam appears on surface.

Remove the foam.

Wet the cilantro leaves with the egg white mixture.

Cover with sugar .

Let dry on parchment paper, overnight. Before use.



   - Brick Dough

   - Blackberries


- Slightly brushed with butter , sprinkled with 10X sugar and baked until Light Golden brown at 300ºF.

- cut in halves



Trim pineapple and slice paper thin and arrange on a piece of parchment paper (mise en place)

Brush some cilantro pesto onto plate and gently cover with the pineapple