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| Kirschwasser Sabayon | Savarin Dough | Ginger Syrup | Crystallized Leaves |

Making | to Serve


 - 12 Yolks

 - 100 gr Water

 - 500 gm Honey

 - 1 Liter heavy cream

 - 3/4 cup ( 115 ml) Kirshwasser


1 -   Put the yolks in the Kitchenaid

2 -   Bring the water to a boil (even in microwavre) and pour it over the beating yolks on high speed

3 -  Meanwhilem make the honey warm (but not to hot), wait until the yolks become very fluffy , reduce speed then slowly pour honey into the fluffy mix

4 -  Turn back on high speed and let beat until mix reaches a soft peak consistency (almost runny)andbecome lukewarm.

5 -  While the sabayon is cooling down, whip the cream over a bowl of ice and keep it cold until adding it to the sabayon.

6 -  After the cream is added to the sabayon, finally add the Kirshwasser .

7 -  Freeze in a terrine mold .

8 -  Remove frozen mix from terrine and slice into bars the size of sushis.


  -  1kg AP Flour

 -  60 gm Fresh Yeast

 -  14 Eggs

 -  300 gm melted Butter

 -  150 gm Water

 -  100 gm Honey

 -  20 gm Salt

 -  60 gm Sugar

 -  4 Lemon Zest

 -  and more water if needed 


1 -  In the mixer, combine flour , yeast , eggs for 10 minutes

2 -  Add the melted butter and let homgenize on 1st speed , then onto 2nd

3 -  MAke water and honey lukewarm together and add to the dough , putting back on 1st speed  and let work for another 5 min on 2nd speed.

4 -  Add salt , sugar and zest and let work  .

5 -  At the try to reach the right consistency by adding more water if necessary . The dough should soft but very elastic  and form one block around the hook attachement when reasy.

6 -  Linen a baking sheet with parchment paper and soft butter .  Pour some of the dough onto tray, just enough to completely  spread it at 1/2 inch thick.

7 -  Let rise for 10 minutes and bake at 325F for 10 to 15 minutes

8 -  Allow to cool completely before cutting in rectangles 1" X1/4"

9 -  Soak these rectangles in syrup until needed.


 -  1 liter water

 -  400 gm Sugar

 -  1/4 cup chopped fresh ginger

Bring the 3 ingredients to a boil, let simmer for 5 minutes, let infuse and strain before completely cool.

 when syrup is cold , add

 -  Kirschwasser (as you like or none if for children)


 CRYSTALLIZED LEAVES    Cilantro | Mint | Shiso  . . 

 Coating solution

 -  1 egg white

 -  1 pint Water

Whip the solution until foamy.

Remove the foam and start just wetting the leaves one by one and evenly coat them with granulated sugar .

Lay onto parchment paper until dry and crispy before using.


 -  1 pint Heavy Cream

 -  300 gm  White Chocolate (A good one)

1 -  Melt the chocolate  over bain-marie or in microwave.

2 -  WHip the cream to very soft peak

3 -  Add the chocolate to the cream and using a rubber spatula and in a round an dquick motion, fold the chocolate into the cream . DON'T OVERMIX


 1 -  Spread a thin layer of mousse , almost covering the pineapple slise .

 2 -  Put a soaked in syrup piece of  Savarin in the middle and roll the pineapple proceeding like a spring roll

 3 -  Keep the rolls on a tray , well wrapped in the fridge until needed.  

     These have to be made fresh every day


      -   Pineapple Sushis

      -   Crystallized Leaves

      -   Kirshwasser frozen Sabayon

      -   Toasted Sliced Almonds

      -   Wedge of Lime & Paprika

      -   Chopstick


       -   Place  rectangles of sabayon on plate

      -   Place a sushi on each

      -   Sprinkle broken Crystallized leaves

      -   Sprinkle toated almonds

      -   Place lime & Paprika on side of plate

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