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| frozen parfait| golden pineapple | mango coulis | cilantro syrup |


-1 liter (volume) Pate a Bombe dure

  (see right below for method)

- 1 1/2 dl (150 gm) Kirschwasser

- 2 liter (volume) whipped cream

- Add the Kirsch to the Pate a Bombe

- old in the whipped cream

Pour the parfait mix into empty tart rings that should be the same diameter than the pineapple slices

- Later the frozen parfait, once remove from molds, will be sandwiched betwenn two slices of roasted pineapple

- The center will be pinched out as the center of the pineapple slices

- The mango coulis will take place in this center.



- 640 gm Simple Syrup 

- 320 gm egg yolks

- Cook the syrup at 110C (243F), pour it over the beating yolks on high spped and let work until totally cooled



1/4 thick slices of pineapple (2 per portion)

- Roasted with a dot of butter, sugar and seeds only of a vanilla bean (keep the pod for another use like ice cream

- Make wet with water ?egg white solution (1 pint water / 1 egg white - whip until foam forms on surface, remove foam and proceed)

- Finally roll berries in superfine sugar and lay on parchment paper. need to be done at least one (1)hour before to obtain crispiness.

 - Frozen Mango puree with lime juice add until just perceptible

- Cilantro , blanched, cooled and drained

Finally blended in fresh golden pineapple juice