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 French Meringue (large shells)

- 600g egg whites
- 600g sugar
- 600g confectioner’s sugar

 Whip the whites until stiff peak. Add sugar little by little. Fold in confectioner’s sugar by hand. Grease the molds. Fill the molds with meringue. Form a shell. Bake @ 200F for about 3hrs.
 Swiss Meringue (small shells)

- 300g egg whites
- 180g sugar
- 450g confectioner’s sugar

Put all ingredients in KitchenAid bowl.

Start combining by hand

Then turn on medium speed and make the mix warm using a blow torch around the bowl until fluffy and white. 

Turn onto high speed until firm and lukewarm

Pipe some of the meringue in each cavity of silpat and using a tea spoon in a circular motion, gently spread the meringue around the molds, removing the excedent of meringue

Bake @ 200 F or 95 C for 2 hours

 Passion Fruit Ice cream

- 2 liters Milk

- 2 liters Heavy cream

- 2 liters Passion Fruit Puree

- 1 kg 500 Sugar

- 70 yolks (1 kg 400)

 Make a crème Anglaise  .  Combine and spin

 Passion Fruit Sorbet

3000k Passion Fruit Puree
1000k Water
3000k Simple syrup

 To Serve

      Passion Fruit seeds
     Lightly whipped cream

 Dip one meringue cup in whipped cream and put on plate. Fill with a scoop of sorbet. Dip the top of the other in lightly whipped cream. Place on top. Garnish with passion fruit seeds.