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| sweet & sour syrup | caramel ice cream | Pineapple | coconot macarons



   - 2 cups light corn syrup

   - 2 Kg Sugar

   - 3 cup water

   - 400 gm Dark Rum

   - 340 gm Champagne Vinegar


   - ½ lb Butter

   - 4 gm Vanilla seeds


Bring corn syrup, sugar and water to boil.

Let cook until the cooking reaches Between soft ball and hard ball.

Add the rum and the vinegar almost at once let boil again and be insure that sugar is totally dissolved.

Dispense in sealed container outside or in fridge

Cream the butter and incorporate vanilla seeds.

Wrap the butter in plastic in a roll shape and keep refrigerated until needed.

Just before service, bring some syrup to the boil .

Reduce flame and add some vanilla butter .

Gently combine the butter to the syrup using a whisk.

Deep the pineapple in to syrup and keep warm until needed.

Don't make to much at the time. It is better to repeat the operation several time during service.



  • 500 gm butter

  • 1 kg sugar


  • 2 qt ½ & ½

  • 2 qt milk


  • 22 yolks

  • 300 gm sugar


Melt butter and sugar and cook until caramel color.

At this time stay close to it and wait until the forming of a foam on top of the caramel .

It looks like it is burning and is burning in fact.

At this time add the half & half gradually


Add the remaining liquid and bring it back to the boil

Then using the mixture yolks / sugar proceed like the making of the crème Anglaise

Keep over ice until lukewarm before storing in fridge.



1- Peel the pineapple , nice and clean

2- Cut to obtain 1 inch thick slices

3- Using a round cutter, remove the center at the limit of the core

4- In a skillet or on a griddle, pan seared both side of the slices, using clarified butter, to obtain a nice golden color (not burned)

5- Keep between plastic wrap until needed




 - 500 gm unsweetened shredded coconut

   - 500 gm granulated sugar

   - 7 whole eggs

   - 1 tsp Vanilla extract

   - 2 tbsp Malibu coconut Rum

   In mixer, combine all ingredients until wet.

   Form some ball and give them a special shape using three fingers from thumbs, thumb included