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  |  Crumble  | Graham  | Petit_Beurre  | Sableuse  | Streusel |


 450  gm  AP Flour
 450  gm  Light Brown Sugar
 450  gm  Butter (cold diced)
 3  tsp  Cinnamon Powder
 1 1/2 tsp  Nutmeg (grated fresh)
 1  pinch  salt
 450  gm  Oats
 150  gm  Sliced Almonds
     In mixing bowl, using the paddle attachment, combine the six (6) first ingredients until sand (sable) texture .

   Finally add the the Oats and Almonds by hand .

   Keep refrigerated until needed
____________ or____________
 500  gm  Flour
 250  gm  Walnuts ,whole
 500  gm  Brown Sugar
  Pinch  salt
 250  gm  Almond Flour or Hazelnut
 300  gm  Melted Butter
    Mix dry ingredients  | Add butter | Mix | Add walnuts, pack into containers and freeze.

   Grate then layer on top of apples 'till fill mold



  | Crumble  | Graham Crackers | Petit_Beurre  | Sableuse  | Streusel

 24  oz Butter
 10  oz  Brown Sugar
 8  oz Sugar
 4  tbsp  Honey
 14  oz  Flour
 10  oz  Cake Flour
 10  oz  Wheat Flour
 1  tsp  Salt
 2  tsp  Baking Soda
 2  tsp  Cinnamon

   Cream butter, sugars and honey

   Add dries

   Roll out between parchment and bake at 350.

   Cool and grind in robot coupe.

         For the crust:

   1 ½ cup Crumbs – ¼ melted butter

  | Crumble  | Graham  | Petit_Beurre  | Sableuse  | Streusel |
 950 grall purpose flour
 450  gr  powdered sugar
 550  gr almond flour
 550 gr butter softened
 375  gr butter softened

   In a mixing bowl with paddle mix both flours, sugar and 550 gr. butter.

   Mix until crumbly.

   Put on sheet pan and bake at 300F until golden brown.

   Let cool.

   When cool grind in a food processor and grind.

   Put back in mixer with paddle and add the rest of the butter.

   Mix until crumbly again. Remove from mixer and place between two sheets of parchment paper.

   Roll it down to 2-½ mm and keep in freezer to use as needed.

   Bake at 300F for about 15 minutes and cut whilst still warm.

   Put back in freezer to cool before attempting to pick it up.

  | Crumble  | Graham  | Petit_Beurre  | Sableuse  | Streusel |
 660  gm (34) egg yolks
 2   whole eggs
 1  kg  sugar
 1  kg  butter
 300 gm  all purpose flour
 300  gm  corn starch

-  Whip yolks ans sugar until butter is melting

-  Add melted butter

-  Then add flour and cornstarch, sifted together

-  Linen two large sheet pans with butter and parchment paper

-  Share the mix onto trays

-  Bake at 315F for about 25 min

-  Let cool and refrigerate

  | Crumble  | Graham  | Petit_Beurre  | Sableuse  | Streusel |

-   450 gm Butter
-   400 gm Flour
-   450 gm Almond Flour
-   500 gm Butter


   Mix 3 first ingredient together by hand .

   Bake on a sheet pan until golden brown . Allow to cool .

   Crumble and add second amount of butter .

   Spread the mixture on a heet pan and flash in oven for a few minutes . allow to cool before using .

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