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Burger Buns
Parkerhouse_rollsPolish Potato RollSweedish Rye Bread


  Step 1 :
 700 gm Water
 600 gm High Gluten Flour
 15 gm
 Fresh Yeast
   Combine ingredients and let rise
    Refrigerate until next day
  Step 2 :
 1300   gm High Gluten Flour
 50  gm Fresh Yeast
 800 gm
 100 gm  non fat Milk powder
 1000 gm   Cold Water
 70  gm   Kosher Salt
   For one hotel pan only   Use a lot of flour.
 GIF/gif_line_glitter.gif ou GIF/gif_line_glitter.gif
 gr Farine T45
 65  gr Sel
 65 gr Sucre
 3.5 gr Levure sèche
 2 litre Eau froide

      Mettre tous les ingrédients dans le bol du mixer et mélanger à grande vitesse pendant 8 â 10 minutes ou jusqu'à ce que la pâte se détache du bol.

      Transferer la pâte dans un grand bac et laisser pousser 3 à 4 heures à température ambiante .

     Mettre au frigo pour quelques heures , puis sortir la pâte pour la façonner . Laisser pousser à nouveau avant de cuire .

     Attention parce que le fait que la pâte soit très molle ne facilite pas la tâche  ; mais la qualité est exceptionnelle .


  PARKERHOUSE ROLLS – Yield : 12 rolls

Burger Buns
Parkerhouse_rollsPolish Potato RollSweedish Rye Bread
 1 ½ cup  Bread flour , more for shaping
 1 ½ tbsp  sugar
 1 ½ tsp  dry milk powder
 1   package active dry yeast
 1   large egg + 1 yolk
 3  tbsp  clarified butter
 1  tsp  salt
 1  tbsp  melted butter , plus some for the pan
 2  tsp  Fleur de Sel (on top before baking
   Place flour , sugar and milk powder in large bowl of an electric mixer .

   In another bowl mix yeast , egg and yolk and clarified butter .

   Stir in ½ cup water . Add yeast mixture to flour mixture and mix on low speed for 3 min .

   Add salt and continue mixing for another 3 min .

   Let dough rest for 20 min , remove from mixer and divide into 12 pieces ; dough will be soft and sticky .

   With floured hands , shape into balls .

   Grease an 8-inch cake pan with melted butter . Arrange dough balls in pan .

   Let rise about 45 min , until doubled .

   Heat oven to 350 F .

   Bake about 25 min , browned and puffed .

   Remove from oven , brush with melted butter and sprinkle with fleur de Sel .

   Let cool about 30 m in ; serve warm .



Burger Buns
Parkerhouse_rollsPolish Potato RollSweedish Rye Bread
   Polish Dough:
 1000 gm   Ap Flour
 1000  gm   Water
 4  gm   Fresh yeast
    Mix all ingredients together and place in a warm place for 12 h .
  Potato and Garlic :
 800 gm  Yukon Gold Potato
 100  gm  Garlic
 20  gm   Sea salt
 40  gm  Olive oil
   Season the potatoes and whole garlic with salt and olive oil.

   Bake in Combi oven at 140 C for 45 minutes with 10% humidity.

   Press the garlic though a sieve to get the pulp.

   Peel the potatoes and mash

 1400  gm   AP Flour
 100  gm   Sugar
 400  gm   Butter
 12  gm   Fresh Yeast
 44  gm   sea salt
 400  gm   Potato pulp
 50  gm   Garlic pulp
 300  gm   Water
 200  gm   Whole Milk
 120  gm   Olive oil
 2000  gm   Polish Dough

   Mix all the ingredients together without salt and sugar for 4 minutes.

   Add salt and sugar and keep mixing for 4 more minutes.

   Place the dough in a bowl and let rest for 30 minutes.

   Punch the dough and roll it .

   Leave it for another hour.

   Divide  the dough into 20 gm pieces 

   Roll them and let them rest for 30 minutes .

   Roll them again and place them in the cannele molds. already brushed with butter .

   Let the dough rise for one hour .

   At this point they can be baked at 250 C for 15 minutes .

   Unmold the breads and let cool over a rack .



Burger Buns
Parkerhouse_rollsPolish Potato RollSweedish Rye Bread
 1000  ml   Dark Beer
 2000  gm   Boiling Water
 1200  gm Whole Rye Kernels
 800  gm   Sunflower Seeds
 400  gm   Flax Seeds
 170  gm   Kosher Salt
 50  gm   Fennel Seeds
 50 gm   Anis Seeds
 10  gm    Orange Peels ( no pith, small dices)
     Mix all but water in a large bowl .

    Once mixed , bring water  to boil and pour over.

    Cover and let stand in for 18 hours .

 1000  gm   Cold Water
 1000  gm  Honey
 1200  gm   Dark Rye Flour
 1200  gm  White Rye Flour
 1200  gm  All purpose Flour
 180  gm   Fresh Yeast
 110 gm   Malt Powder (Barley)
     Divide starter in half and add half the water , honey and yeast to each bowl .

   In separate bowls, measure all the flours and  malt powder divided in half .

   In Hobart mixer combine 1 each of dry and wet mix for ten minutes on second speed

   Combine both mixing bowl in a heavily greased dough box and allow to proof  for 2 hours.

   Dust a table with flour and pour dough out .

   Divide into 3 and add to the heavily greased 12 x 18 X 2 cake pan and using a wet bowl scraper , smooth out  the top and then dust with dark rye flour .

   Allow to proof for 1 more hour then bake at 375 for 60 minutes.

   Cut around cake pan to remove bread and let cool on parchment paper.

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