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DOUGHS  with OR without  YEAST

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 3  Kgs  AP flour
 90  grs fresh yeast
 ½   Lb  butter (225 grs)
 2  Quart  cold milk
 70  grs  salt
 390  grs  sugar
  3 X  1 +1/3 lb butter (600 gr)
  60 pieces for 1 kg flour
  Pains au chocolat
  80 mini pieces   -     
  80 chocolate batons cut in halves

Divide the dough in 3 equal parts , Wrap it and refrigerate for 15 minutes

Fold 1 + 1/3 l butter in each piece of dough, and refrigerate for another 15 minutes, allowing the dough and butter to reach the same temperature or consistency.

Give two  double turns to each “paton” and refrigerate until next day.

Next day take the”paton” out of fridge for about 15 minutes;

Give one more single turn and let rest for 15 minutes, wrap .

Sheet the dough a fisrt time :

Then keep rolling the dough:

Cut the dough into thre ribbons honrizontally

Pile the ribbons together and start cutting triangles of dough

Give croissant shape to the dough and freeze until needed.